Google is Coming… Here’s What It Means for San Jose

new developments in san joseThe city of San Jose is soon to have a new largest employer… the tech giant Google. That’s right; Google is coming to Downtown San Jose. The company is planning an 8-million square foot tech office campus near the Diridon Train Station—a 250-acre site that would be twice the size of its Mountain View campus.

The new offices would employ as many as 20,000 workers, bringing thousands of new jobs to the city.

Google Has Plans Beyond Office Space

In addition to office spaces, Google has expressed strong interest in bringing additional developments to Downtown, such as open spaces for public outdoor recreation, entertainment venues, and retail stores. It has also expressed plans to bring affordable housing to the area, and not just for its workers.

Google Sparks Other New Developments

The coming of Google has sparked interest of other developers and builders in the area, leading to the increasing purchasing new developments in san joseand planning of buildings and spaces in the Downtown area. Easy access to public transit, dining, entertainment, and residential living make Downtown San Jose a popular location for developers.

Two real estate firms are considering building a million square-foot office campus in an aging district along the Guadalupe River, and additional firms have proposed ideas for offices, commercial development, and housing.

A Transportation Revolution at Diridon Train Station

In addition to new commercial and residential developments in the area, Google’s arrival is expected to bring a revolution to public transit in San Jose. There are already $10 billion in plans to incorporate BART and high-speed rail service, and the ultimate plan is to reform the station into a “Grand Central Station of the West”, complete with BART, light rail, Caltrain, Amtrak, the ACE Train, and even a bullet train connecting to LA and Central Valley.

The Overall Economic Benefits of Google’s New Campus

Google’s arrival will bring thousands of jobs to the city of San Jose, as well as major new development and revitalization to shopping and dining in downtown san joseDowntown that could include as much as 3,000 new residential units—in addition to the 6,000 already planned and the thousands recently completed. Already, Google’s plans have spurred commercial development in the area and increased property values as more and more developers plan their own commercial, residential, and mixed-use spaces.

In short, the coming of Google is likely to transform Downtown San Jose.

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