Your Back-to-School Checklist for a Hassle-Free Return to Routine

back-to-school checklist for parentsParents and guardians, it’s almost that time of year. The time we all anticipate with a certain mix of longing and dread—back to school season. Are you ready to make the transition from carefree summertime living to early mornings and regular routine? Avoid the frantic mornings, the last-minute homework scrambles, and all the stress with this handy back-to-school checklist!

Update the Kids’ Closets

Before heading out to tackle the back-to-school sales, go through clothes from last year to see what still fits. Donate any old or outgrown clothes before bringing new ones in to fill up closets. Consider a holding a fashion show to make it more fun for kids, and maybe take some time to make sure the closet is organized.

And While You’re at It, Knock Out School Supplies Shopping

See if you can get a supplies list from your teachers ahead of time. For real back-to-school savings, determine what can be reused fromschool supplies on your back-to-school checklistlast year (i.e. backpacks, lunchboxes, pens/pencils, etc.). Then head out to purchase the rest—before the last-minute crowds arrive.

Take Care of Medical Forms ASAP

As soon as you can get paperwork, fill it out and send it over to your doctor as quickly as possible—before the homework starts up or other paperwork starts coming in.

Purchase Alarm Clocks for the Kids

Save your voice in the morning; buy your kids alarm clocks to get them out of bed. Even if they have their own cell phones, an alarm clock can be a useful purchase, especially considering the options that are available, like alarms with gradually increasing sound or timers for bedside lamps. You can even try setting the alarm across the room so your child has to get up to turn it off.

Plan (and Make) Lunches Ahead of Time

happy student going back to schoolSave yourself the extra time in the morning. Figure out what you’ll make for the week, go grocery shopping, and make up lunches at least the night beforehand.

Create a Master Calendar

Hang a (color-coded) calendar for everyone to see that shows regular activities and one-time events for each person in the family. This can help you and the kids stay organized. Got smart phones? You can also try syncing up your calendars through Google or iCloud, or use an app like Evernote or Got Family Get Organized.

Have a Paperwork Spot

Possibly with your master calendar, have an organized spot for kids to put (and find) paperwork. Have a place for paperwork that needs to be signed by you, and another for paperwork that’s signed. File important information so it’s easily handy and accessible. If you’re going digital, consider scanning paperwork onto your computer.happy family because of back-to-school checklist

Make Time for Family

One of the most important things you can do as a parent or guardian is to make time for the kids. Don’t come home and immediately go to homework, chores, or dinner preparation. Take 20-30 minutes to go outside and play, take a trip to your local park, take a walk through the neighborhood, or play a game inside if the weather isn’t nice. This will give everyone a chance to relax and enjoy some time together.

Going Back to School in a New Location of the Silicon Valley?

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