What is a Short Sale? Can You Help Me?

Hey Gary! Hey Robert! Can you help me do a short sale?

Short Sale Real Estate in SunnyvaleCan you help me do a short sale in Sunnyvale? You bet we can; in fact, we’ve been certified as experts! A short sale occurs when the sale price of home will be insufficient to pay off the loans on the property (this is also known as being “upside down”). In a short sale, we negotiate with the lender, on the seller’s behalf, asking them to accept less than the full amount owed to them.

Why would a lender consider it? To save time and money.


Let’s say the seller has lost his job, and can no longer make the payments on his loan, or his adjustable rate loan has adjusted upward and he can’t afford the higher payment. For instance, we’ll ask the lender to accept $50,000 less than the amount owed in order to allow a sale to go through. If the alternative is for the lender to foreclose, and we can show them it will likely cost $100,000 or more to do it, many times they’ll consider it, and we can prevent a “foreclosure” from being stamped on the seller’s credit report. If you know of anyone who might need our help on this, please have them give us a call or send an email!