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What You Need to Know to Get an Offer Accepted in the Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley is one of the most competitive markets in the country, and as such, making an offer on a home isn’t just about coming up with terms both you and the seller can agree on—it’s about making an offer that’ll please the seller more the other offers they’ve likely received. So, what’s the key? What do you need to do to get an offer accepted in the Silicon Valley?

6 Things to Do to Get Your Offer Accepted in the Silicon Valley

Choose Your Agent Wisely

choose your agent wisely to get an offer accepted in the silicon valleyNot only can a good agent help you construct a competitive offer, your agent also represents you as a buyer. Your agent can vouch for your motives for buying, your ability to get a loan, and their ability to keep you on track and moving in the right direction towards the close. Plus, a reputable and trusted agent may have experience with a particular seller and may know the agent’s negotiation styles or what they look for in their offers.

Get Preapproved

get preapproved for a mortgage to get an offer accepted in the silicon valleyBefore you even think of making an offer, get preapproved for a loan. If you don’t show sellers and their agents that you are capable of getting a loan large enough to cover the cost of the house, your offer will be tossed aside as too big a risk, especially if there are any other offers on the home.

Do Your Research

research sold properties to get your offer accepted in the silicon valleyIf you want your offer to be taken seriously, research what homes are selling for in the neighborhood. Have your agent provide you with comps so you can determine a competitive price. Offering too low with get your offer thrown out right away. Offering too high will cost you money in the short term and the long term.

Forget Contingencies

omit contingencies to get an offer accepted in the silicon valleyKeep your offer as simple and straightforward as possible. Leave out contingencies for inspections, loans, and appraisals. This creates uncertainty for the seller and makes your offer unappealing, especially compared to other, simpler and more certain offers.

Make Your Offer Higher

make a higher offer to get your offer accepted in the silicon valleySometimes, it all comes down to the numbers. Even if you’re playing your mortgage up against cash offers, you can still come out ahead. Unless the seller needs cash or wants to close fast, they’ll likely pick the higher offer.

Write a Buyer’s Letter

write a buyer's letter to get your offer accepted in the silicon valleyYes, selling a home is a financial decision. But it can also be an emotional decision, especially for sellers who’ve lived in and loved their home for many years. Relating to the seller (mentioning how your dog or kids will love the backyard, too!), complimenting their home, explaining why you want the house… all of these factors can make you seem less like a number and more like a person they could see living in their old home. It might just be the difference that tips the scale.

Are Your Thinking of Buying a Home in the Silicon Valley?

The market is hot in the Silicon Valley! If you’re thinking of buying a home, now is the time to get started. Contact Gary & Robert today to learn more about the area, discover its beautiful neighborhoods, and find the perfect home in just the right location.

What Does 2018 Have in Store? Silicon Valley Real Estate Market Predictions

silicon valley real estate market predictionsThe Silicon Valley is a real estate market somewhat notorious for its competition—its high prices, its growing demand, and its low supply of homes for sale. Buyers are looking, and homes are getting snatched up off the shelf within days of being listed. And that’s not likely to change in 2018. Low inventory, sustained demand, and strong appreciation are definitely on the horizon. Here’s what else you can expect from the Silicon Valley real estate market in 2018.

It’s Definitely a Seller’s Market

If you’re thinking of listing your home, you’ve picked the right time! That low inventory and high demand pretty muchsilicon valley real estate market predictions foretell of a seller's marketconstitutes a seller’s dream conditions. What that basically comes down to is a lot of buyers without that much to choose from—so you can expect to see some high prices and some lightning-fast sales.

Price your home right, and there’s no way your home will sit on the market for more than a few days. And you may even get multiple buyers bidding over your house.

But Buyer’s Shouldn’t Despair

Yes, prices will be high. It comes with the territory. Yes, interest rates are rising and predicted to climb over 4.3% in the coming silicon valley real estate market predictions say that rental prices will still be highyears. But there are some good prospects on the horizon for home buyers. Like decreasing unemployment rates and increased numbers of high-tech jobs in the area (hello new Google campus!), which means more and more buyers are not only able to afford those prices, but are also making larger down payments—and carrying overall less debt than in the past.

And if you are feeling a little dismayed by the high price tags, remember that renting isn’t likely to be any cheaper. As long as demand stays high, so will those price tags. Really want to make the best of the market? Consider taking on some roommates after you buy your home and let them make your mortgage payments. New sites like Nesterly can even help match up qualified renters.

How Will the New Google Campus Affect the Market?

There’s a (kind of) new player coming to town, and it’s (another) new Google campus. But it’s going to be pretty different than silicon valley real estate market predictions say that home buyers can still have good luckits existing campuses—this one will be a whole transit village in the heart of Downtown San Jose. And it’s already beginning to affect the housing market in the area.

Previously, demand in San Jose was lower because it wasn’t as convenient to tech centers in Mountain View and Palo Alto… but that’s changing, and so is buyer demand. So those more-affordable prices we were seeing in San Jose are likely to rise!

Learn More About the 2018 Real Estate Market in the Silicon Valley

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in the Silicon Valley in 2018, then it’s time to contact Gary & Robert. As your guides to real estate in Santa Clara County, we’re here to help you find the perfect home or successfully list your home.

How to Find a Home in the Best School District of the Silicon Valley

happy new homebuyersA major concern for many home buyers in the Silicon Valley is the quality of the school districts their children will be attending. Even for those without their own children, particularly teachers, child-care providers, or other professionals, the quality of the local schools is a vitally important factor in their home search. But with about 70 different districts in the area, how do you find the best, and what do you do once you’ve found it?

Do Your Research

The best way to start off finding the best district is to narrow down your search based on publications, reviews, reports, stats, and other data. You can find this information easily enough on comparison sites, like Niche.com, GreatSchools.org, or SchoolDigger.com, or from the US Department of Education.

Examine All Criteria

While strict statistical facts and data—like test scores, ratings, and graduation rates—provide beneficial information, they certainly don’t paint a complete picture. You’ll want to consider other criteria that might be important to you or your child, such father walking little daughter with backpack to school or daycareas class size and school attendance, other available programs and activities, including sports, career education, community outreach, and creative or alternative education. Be sure to take your child’s specific learning style, strengths, and interests into consideration.

Visit & Ask

One of the best ways to learn more about a school district is to ask other parents whose children attend the district. You can do this online or through reading reviews. Even better, visit the schools in person to see for yourself what it’s like.

Consider the Neighborhood

Before getting excited about a particular school or district, be sure to take into consideration the area they serve. A great school in a location that’s too far from work or that doesn’t offer access to the other amenities you need might not be worth it. And likewise, a top-rated school in a neighborhood you cannot afford could create a stressful financial burden.

Ask Your Agent

Want some local expertise? Talk to a local expert! Your real estate agent will be experienced with helping buyers locate perfect homes—which commonly includes locating the perfect school district as well. And as such, they’ll know a lot about districts in the area. They might even have students in attendance. And what’s more, they’ll know how to locate neighborhoods within school zones you like that also fit your needs and your budget.

2017 Top-Rated School Districts in the Silicon Valley

We’ve started you off by pulling some recent data from school-rater Niche.com. On a recent survey of the best school and districts Young Family Playing With Happy Baby Son At Homein America, Niche considered important criteria, including strength of academics, quality of teachers, resources and facilities, student life, and reviews. Three districts in the Silicon Valley—Palo Alto Unified School District, Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High School District, and Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District—were listed as the top 3 Best Public School Districts in California. Additionally, San Mateo Union High School District was ranked #11 in California and #6 in the San Francisco metro.

Other top districts included Fremont Union High School District in Sunnyvale, Campbell Union High School District in San Jose, Milpitas Unified School District, San Jose Unified School District, and Santa Clara Unified School District, all of which ranked in the Top 30 districts in the San Francisco metro.

Searching for the Perfect Silicon Valley Home in a Great School District?

If you’re thinking of buying a home in the Silicon Valley and you want to make sure you find just the right home for sale, one that’s also in a top school district, then it’s time to contact Gary & Robert. As your experienced Silicon Valley real estate and lifestyle experts, we want to ensure that your Silicon Valley home buying experience goes off without a hitch!