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Save on Energy Bills with These Seven Simple Tips

replace lighting to save on energySaving money on those monthly bills doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, there are numerous little things you can do to cut back on your energy expenditure and save on your utility bills, even during the cold winter months. Here are # easy ways to save big on energy during the winter.

1. Replace Incandescent Bulbs with CFLs

No lifestyle changes here, and you can save up to 75% on your lighting costs! Simply change out your old bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)—which also conveniently last longer (and will produce less heat during the hot summer months). Be sure to also turn off lights when you’re not in the room!

2. Use Natural Lighting

Open up those windows and let in the sunshine! Not only will you avoid using electricity, but letting in sun will help heat your home, too. Just be sure to close them again at night to avoid losing heat through the windows.

3. Replace Furnace Filters

Did you know furnace filters are supposed to be changed every three months? Leaving the old, dirty ones in slows down the flow of air and makes your system work harder. It’s an easy and affordable swap.

4. Turn Down the Temperature of Your Water Heater

use smaller appliances to save on energy costsAnother easy fix is simply adjusting the temperature of your water heater to “warm” (120 degrees). Older heater? Add an insulating blanket to reduce heat losses by as much as 45%!

5. Use Smaller Kitchen Appliances

Avoid using the oven if you can use a smaller appliance, like a toaster, microwave, or counter-top grill. And when you do use the oven, keep it closed. Every time you open it, the temp can drop as much as 25 degrees!
You may also consider skipping the dry cycle on your dishwasher and letting those dishes air dry instead. And be sure to check and make sure you refridgerator is properly sealed, and possibly adjust the temps on your freezer and fridge, too.

6. Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

No, it’s doesn’t have to mean hunting under your desk for the computer plug or behind the TV for the Xbox cord. Simply plug everything into a power strip and switch it to “off” when you’re not using your electronics.

7. Lower the Thermostat

Not everybody likes to bundle up, but did you know that every degree you raise the temperature above 68 degrees can add as much as 10% to your energy bill? That might make you reach for your sweater…

Looking for BIG Energy Savings? Take on Some Small Projects

If you don’t mind putting a little work into your home, or you’re planning to sell it and want to see a little more return on your investment, here are some great ways you can really improve your home’s efficiency and value.

1. Seal Air Leaks or Replace Windows

Sealing up your leaks can save up to 30%! Caulk windows, add weatherstripping to doors, or consider a whole new set in more modern, energy-efficient designs, like double-paned glass.

2. Insulate Hot Water Pipes

Simply insulating your hot water pipes can raise the water temperature 2 to 4 degrees! Then you can turn the temp down.

3. Install Low-Flow Showerheads and Aerators

Reduce your water consumption with low-flow showerheads (less than 2.5gpm) and aerators (less than 1gpm).install a programmable thermostat to save on energy

5. Insulate the Roof

Check your current insulation in your roof or attic—older insulation may need to be replaced. Consider using more energy-efficient materials to really see some savings.

6. Install a Programmable Thermostat

You don’t have to go full-on Smart Home—you can still save big just by installing a thermostat that will automatically adjust while you’re away.

7. Replace Old Appliances

If your appliances are getting on in years, it might be time for an upgrade. New appliances are designed to run more efficiently. And if you invest in ENERGY STAR certified appliances, you can see some big savings while really upping your home value.

Planning Energy Efficient Improvements to Increase Your Home Value?

If you’re thinking of increasing your energy efficiency because you’re planning to sell your home, then it’s time to contact Gary & Robert. As your guides to all things real estate and lifestyle in the Silicon Valley, we’re here to help you find your true home value, get your home ready to sell, and list your home with ease.